What are the benefits of using equipment like Pilates reformer machines?

At Hello Body, we have equipment such as Rings, Flywheel Training Equipment, and Pilates Reformer Machines.

The benefits of using equipment are plenty. Here's a few of them:

  • Boost proprioception - These equipment increase your proprioception, which is your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location.
  • Better body awareness with resistance - They provide resistance so that you can sense your body better in space, prevent overuse injuries, observe your body’s bias or imbalance, and make changes accordingly. When you’re moving by yourself, you won’t notice the bias within your movement (For eg, you may be right-leg dominant).
  • Better support and challenge with resistance - The resistance from springs of an equipment can provide support and feedback, or increase challenge, when needed.
  • Promote rehabilitation - Pilates Reformer Machines are used widely by physiotherapists because of their versatility and adaptiveness. For example, for clients with back issues and are fearful of doing exercises due to the pain, they are able to lie down and work their legs in a safe environment with adequate support. This gently adds low load to begin building capacity post-injury through graded exposure.
  • More effective power and velocity training - While other tools mostly address body control, our Flywheel Training Equipment provides inertia, which allows you to work on power and velocity. It trains you in an environment where speed is involved.